Silvia Pro X - Black
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Silvia Pro X - Black


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Espresso Machines

Single group espresso machine equipped with digital display, dual boilers, two PID controllers and soft infusion technology.

Key Features:

  • Individual Brew and Steam Boilers
  • PID Temperature Control
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Variable Soft Infusion


The Silvia Pro pushed the limits of home espresso - with the Silvia Pro X, nothing is impossible. A high-powered dual boiler setup ensures simultaneous brewing and steaming without any temperature loss. With each boiler featuring a PID controller, the Silvia Pro X offers shot after shot, competition-level temperature accuracy. Easily manage all these functions through the simple brewing controls, with a digital display for easy operation and an automatic shot timer. Silvia Pro X combines the best features of Silvia Pro with added tools for a better barista experience. In particular, Variable Soft Infusion is a big plus. By enabling this feature, the coffee puck is gently soaked with low-pressure water for up to six seconds before ramping up to normal brewing pressure. A soft infusion period smooths out imperfections in the coffee puck that may cause channelling during extraction, and it highlights the unique flavours of your coffee.

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