NITRON® Cold Draft All Nitro 4:1-12:1, with Removable Door Graphic


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Commercial Cold Brewer

From pour to pour, serve premium Nitro Coffee and Teas consistently from an easy-to-operate, attention-grabbing, countertop design.
  • Automatic water bath fill maintains water bath level for optimal cold beverage capacity
  • Mounted on standard 3/8"-16 UNC threads, chrome plated brass tap handles are interchangeable with custom handles for a more personalized look
  • Refrigerated product cabinet protects flavor integrity and product life
  • Flashing red LED light on door alerts the operator when to replenish nitrogen tank
  • At a rate of one 16oz drink per minute, can dispense 60 drinks before exceeding 41U+00B0F (75U+00B0F incoming water)
  • Serve two different coffees or teas as a nitrogenated beverage using 1- gallon concentrate BIBs or refillable containers
  • Large dispense area accommodates taller cups and carafes up to 8.76"
  • Service-friendly design makes set-up and maintenance simple
  • Patented BUNN gas infusion technology can produce up to 3 minutes of cascading micro-bubbles
  • 11" x 6.5" graphic panel on the LED-lighted door can easily be changed - without tools- to promote unique brands or beverage offerings
  • Patented High IntensityU+00AE mixing chamber assures a perfectly blended finished beverage, from cup to cup
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