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Wally Milk is an automatic milk steamer that is designed to simplify the milk steaming process, providing consistent, high quality steamed milk at the touch of a button. Wally Milk focuses on improving bar flow with improved ergonomics, enabling the barista to focus on a more intimate customer experience. Wally Milk can be programmed with up to 20 recipes with specifications for milk temperature and level of aeration, allowing baristas to easily shift between dairy and milk alternatives and different types of beverages.

Wally Milk is compatible with any commercial La Marzocco or Modbar machine, as well as other popular commercial espresso machines. Wally Milk comes with three milk pitchers (8oz, 14oz, and 24oz) and, thanks to its infrared sensors,automatically recognizes which pitcher is being used. It is also possible to use any matte finish pitcher between 8oz and 24oz. Wally Milk monitors the milk level and temperature with two sensors, which allow the machine to steam to the correct recipe. The proximity sensor measures the pitcher size and the level of milk. The infrared sensor at the base of the drip tray
monitors the steaming temperature to ensure consistency and texture.


  • pro touch steam wand Vacuum-insulated double-walled steam wand that prevents burns and keeps milk from sticking to the wand.
  • digital display An intuitive display that allows for simple programming and easy adjustments to machine parameters.
  • tilting platform An oscillating tray that simulates the skilled movement of a barista, creating a consistent vortex while steaming.
  • easy access for technicians Engineered with technicians in mind, provides easy service access and minimal downtime.
  • 20 programmable recipes Customizable specifications for milk temperature, level of aeration, and alternative milk settings.
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