Krome Coffee Tamper with Distribution Tool 58.5mm


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Coffee Tamper with Distribution Tool 

Now get two jobs done with a single tool! 

Introducing Coffee Tamper with Distribution Tool that has coffee leveler on one side and flat tamper on the other. Do away with the need for two separate products.

Level ground coffee and follow up with tamping for a rich and consistent espresso shots.
Height adjustable – choose the tamper depth according to your portafilter.
Tool allows working with a straight arm. Easy on the wrist and very convenient for barista. Press down and rotate the tool on both sides. Level first and tamper after that.

All you need to do now is to rotate the coffee distribution tool a few times, turn it over for flat tamper and apply pressure. This gives an evenly packed coffee throughout the portafilter – ready for that piping hot black coffee, creamy cappuccino or anything else you please!

Coffee Tamper Size Available :-

53mm – C7043

58mm – C7048

58.5mm – C7025

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