Hario V60 Drip Kettle Air


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The V60 Drip Kettle Air is a very versatile pouring kettle. The budget friendly price point will allow coffee enthusiasts that are just starting their journey down the coffee rabbit hole a very good pouring kettle for the price. The kettle has great pouring control - pouring as good as its more expensive competitors. The light-weight design makes it easy to pour with, as well as being very packable for camping and travelling. With the kettle having volume markings, you can see how much water you need for your pour-over.

The V60 Drip Kettle Air allows for you to do a basic recipe where you just use the measurement marks on the kettle for your water amount, and then the provided coffee scoop from your Hario V60 for the coffee amount. Alternatively, you can scale both your water and your coffee for greater precision. When paired with the Hario Craft Coffee Maker Pour-Over Kit, you have a greater starter set for both the beginner and experienced coffee enthusiast.
  • Practical Capacity: 350 ml
  • Dimensions: W 177mm × D 78mm × H 128mm
  • PTC Resin Body
  • Made in Japan
  • Not Microwave or Oven Safe

The No Scale Recipe

  1. Turn on Kettle
  2. Grind 2 Full Scoops of Coffee (20-25 clicks on Baratza Encore or Comandante C40 Nitro Blade)
  3. Place V60 with Paper Filter on Top of Coffee Server
  4. Pre-wet Filter and Discard Water
  5. Add Coffee into Filter and Gently Shake Filter to Make Bed Level
  6. Fill 350ml of Hot Water into Drip Kettle Air
  7. Pour Hot Water Gently Over Coffee, Ensuring All Grounds Get Wet (50 - 100ml of Water)
  8. Let Coffee Bloom for 30-45 Seconds
  9. Continue to Pour Coffee Slowly and Gently (Full 350ml Amount)
  10. Carefully and Properly Discard Your Coffee Grounds and Filter
  11. Pour Coffee into Your Favorite Mug
  12. Enjoy!
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