Hario "Miniphon" Mini Syphon


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A Tiny Star!
The world's smallest functional syphon coffee maker. Brews around 120ml of coffee.

The Hario "Miniphon" brews an excellent cup of coffee - the Miniphon amplifies even the most subtle coffee flavour notes. Although the Miniphon makes just one cup per brew, the result is quite remarkable.

Beautifully ornamental, like other syphons, the Miniphon is a joy to watch as it completes its unique brew cycle moving liquids from one chamber to another. 

To Use:

  • Add boiling water to the lower globe.
  • Place the lit alcohol burner (included) underneath.
  • Set the filter (included) in the upper bowl and place on top of the lower globe.
  • Add coffee grounds.
  • Wait for the Miniphon to come to a boil.
  • Water will rise to the top bowl.
  • Stir.
  • The coffee will flow down to the lower chamber when ready.
  • Remove the upper globe.
  • Pour coffee.
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