Hario Cupping Bowl Kasuya


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Cuping Bowl


Cupping is performed to evaluate the aromas and tastes of brewed coffee, equivalent to tasting for wine. The quality of brewed coffee is judged under the same conditions.

The color eliminates visual bias

The use of black eliminates any visual bias, enabling cups to depend more on their senses of taste and smell.

Volume for cupping; The line of 180ml.

The line of 180ml, the prescribed volume for cupping, is shown inside the bowl.

Bowls can be stacked.
The shape allows stacking for storage. The shape allows for easy cupping.
  • MATERIAL Porcelain
  • SIZE W93 × D93 × H65 × Φ93mm
  • CAPACITY Full capacity 260ml
  • WEIGHT Approx. 145g
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