ESPRO Toroid Frothing Pitcher


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Milk Frother


Create your most precise latte art. Our formed spout draws milk and foam together, so you can pour with the most refined detail possible.


● MASTER YOUR MICROFOAM - The ESPRO Toroid Pitcher’s unique design reimagines milk steaming for easier cafe-quality foam; Transform your latte/cappuccino into pure bliss
● SMOOTHER THAN EVER - Wide bell shape and unrivaled milk circulation enable you to make creamier and shinier steamed milk; Skip months of barista training
● PAINT WITH MILK - Formed spout helps you achieve greater precision for more controlled, crisp, and detailed art; Push your creative boundaries
● NO MILK WASTE - Etched fill lines reduce milk waste by helping you use the same amount every time; Streamline your creative process
● FRIENDS FOR LIFE - Crafted from durable stainless steel to brew for life; Simply designed to look stunning anywhere
● Stainless steel


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