Classe 7 S3


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Commercial Espresso Machine

Classe 7 is an essential, versatile machine made from tough materials, such as aluminium and steel, so it is very sturdy and reliable. Available in a 2-group compact version, or with 2 and 3 groups and also in a Tall version.Electronic control and automatic dosing for practical preparation with consistent results.

The machine has a hot water dispenser with programmable time-controlled dosing. Classe 7 has an ergonomic lighting system in the work area to make the barista's job easier plus chrome group covers and all the distinctive stylish accessories from the Rancilio range

The S line is semi automatic - you press a button to turn the pump on and then you press it again to turn it off

The E line has volumetric dosing - there are four programmable dosing buttons that turn the pump and off based on a programmed volume of water.
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