Cilio - Espresso Maker "Classico Natura" - Black


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Espresso Maker


Pronto! The espresso maker CLASSICO NATURA by cilio brews your favorite drink in minutes. Depending on the model, three or six cups of espresso are available after a good meal or as a kick in the afternoon. The classic espresso maker is suitable for the hob, the glass ceramic and the gas stove. The preparation of the aromatic specialty coffee is quite simple: you fill the lower part of the digester with water, up to a maximum of just below the safety valve. The boiling water rises and reaches the filled with espresso powder funnel insert. Once the honey-yellow liquid no longer runs out of the riser, you can remove the espresso maker from the stove.

  •       Handle and lid knob in wood look
  •       available in several sizes
  •       5 years warranty
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