Cilio - Espresso Maker "Classico" - 6 Cups


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Espresso Maker


cilio - Espresso maker "Classico" -
The classic espresso cookers. For 6 cups. Aluminum color coated.

cilio - Espresso maker "Classico"

The classic espresso cookers. It is named after the model CLASSICO the octagonal shape and material: solid aluminum. Another new feature is the expanded color palette. cilio offers the practical device in red, white and green. In any event, the preparation of Italian coffee specialty is simple: Fill the base with water, add espresso powder in the sieve insert and swipe it smoothly. Then unscrew the pot too tightly and put them on the plate of your gas or electric cooker. If the typical Wasserbrodeln sounds and the smell of fresh coffee spreads, your espresso is ready. The colored espresso maker are suitable for 6 cups.

  • For 6 cups
  • For all heat sources, except induction
  • Ø 9 cm
  • Height: 20 cm
  • Weight: 0.44 kg
  • Material: Aluminum color coated, with plan bottom
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