Cilio Espresso Maker Aida 4 Cup


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Espresso Maker


Nearly 30 years of passion and coffee expertise.

Inspired by Italy's coffee culture and the Mediterranean way of life

Enjoy your coffee time alone, with friends or with the extended family after a good meal? The Espresso Maker AIDA is prepared for anything, because it is available in different sizes. And also in the selection of the cooker, the device is characterized by flexibility. The Espresso Maker of Cilio is suitable for all kinds of cookers and induction. The equipment is high-quality stainless steel satin finish. The smooth thread closes the lower part and the pot tightly. The espresso maker is thanks to the plan land safely on your electric, gas or induction stove. The heat is transferred quickly and after a few minutes your espresso is ready. The sugar bowl and milk jug from the series AIDA complement the stylish espresso maker at the table. Composed by table accessory specialists cilio in Solingen.

  •     For 2, 4, 6 or 10 cups of espresso
  • Material: polished Stainless Steel with floor plan
  • Suitable for Induction (depending on the minimum diameter of the pan recognition of the hearth)

How to use Cilio Espresso Maker

    Unscrew the espresso maker by taking hold of the upper and lower parts and turning (one part) anti-clockwise. Remove the funnel filter.
    Fill the lower part of the espresso maker with enough water so that the water level rises to just below the safety valve at the most. Under no circumstances must the safety valve ever be under water.
    Place the funnel filter back inside, fill it with espresso coffee powder and smooth the powder down. Do not press the powder down hard into the funnel filter!
    Screw the upper and lower parts back together by taking hold of both parts and turning (one part) in a clockwise direction. Ensure that the sieve and the gasket are both properly inserted.
    Place the espresso maker on a heat source and heat up. To avoid overboiling and to maintain your espresso maker in good condition, we recommend that you do not allow the espresso to reach too high a temperature. The espresso coffee will rise with the slightest development of steam and will begin to gurgle quietly into the upper receptacle. Remove the espresso maker from the heat source immediately as soon as this gurgling ceases.
     We recommend that you stir the espresso a little using a spoon prior to pouring it into a cup.
    Your espresso is best served in a pre-heated cup

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