Capresso "Disk Type" Grinder


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Coffee Grinders


  • Unique vertical grinding prevents clogging and ensures no ground coffee stays inside the grinder
  • Brushed stainless steel housing
  • 8.8 oz. bean container capacity
  • Removable upper burr
  • Burr grinding wheels deliver the most consistent, uniform grinding
  • Electronic timer
  • 17 position grind selector delivers the correct fineness for espresso, drip, French press and percolators
  • Dimensions: H-10¾" x W-5½" x L-7½"

How Things Work

Grinding fresh whole bean coffee immediately before brewing is the first step to achieving the best tasting coffee at home. Ground coffee interacts with the air around it and, within hours, loses a great deal of flavor and aroma. The longer the ground coffee is exposed to air the more flavor is lost and the rich, full-bodied taste of the coffee cannot be obtained. The timer can be set between 8 and 40 seconds.

When grinding in the finest position, less coffee per second will pass through the grinder than when grinding in the coarsest setting. Therefore the numbers around the timer do not represent number of cups but serve as a reminder for your personal setting. Remember, you can always stop the grinding process by simply pushing the on/off button.

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