Bunn CWTF15-APS B/T 120V - Plastic Funnel


Bunn CWTF15-APS B/T 120V - Plastic Funnel


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Commercial Coffee Brewer

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  • Brews 4.2 to 7.5 gallons (15.9 to 28.4 liters) of perfect coffee per hour.
  • Brews directly into 1.9 to 3.8 liter airpots. [Airpots sold separately].
  • Convenient airpots keep coffee hot and fresh for hours.
  • Airpots are easily transported to remote meeting rooms, breakfast bars, etc.
  • This model has a 1/4" direct water connection.
  • Features hot water dispenser for tea and other hot drinks.
  • Pourover feature included on automatic models.
  • Gourmet funnel model available for use with heavier throw weights of coffee.
  • Digital timer enables users to make brew-cycle adjustments from the front panel.
  • International electrical configurations available.
This unit does not come with a water line. A water line can be purchased separately from a regular plumbing supply outlet: ask for a water line suited to a 1⁄4" (6.4 mm) male flare fitting.
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