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Bodum ePebo


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Vacuum Brewer

Enjoy the game-changing experience of vacuum-brewed coffee without a stovetop! The new Bodum ePebo combines the Pebo vacuum brewer design with an electric kettle-style base. 

The original Pebo vacuum coffee maker is the modern version of the Santos, and has long featured in Bodum’s product range. Now an electric model of the Pebo is available, dispensing with the need for an external heat source - which means you can make vacuum-brewed coffee wherever there is an electric socket! A plug-in vacuum brewer? Yes!

Quick Facts

Similar to a French press, the Bodum ePebo takes 4 minutes to brew plus the time it takes to heat the water to an optimal brewing temperature of 94ºC.

The ePebo brew capacity is 1.0L of coffee. Its brew minimum is 0.75L.

The funnel and the filter are dishwasher safe.

Colour: Black
Capacity: 34 oz
Dimensions: Width 9.250 (cm) x Height 14.375 (cm) x Depth 7.875 (cm)
Materials: Plastic, Tritan®, Stainless Steel, Borosilicate glass, Rubber, Silicone

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