Bialetti Moka Express - Tricolour


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Coffee Maker

Bialetti shows its commitment to the environment by linking the iconic Moka Express to Oceana, the worldwide organisation dedicated to safeguarding oceanic ecosystems that points the spotlight on pollution by disposable plastic. Moka Express, a 100% eco-sustainable method of preparing coffee#Zero Waste: the only waste produced is 100% biodegradable and compostable.#Zero Detergents: chemical detergents aren’t necessary to clean it.#Timeless: a green investment as the coffeemaker lasts for at least 10 years and maintenance is reduced to the essential.

Unique and original since 1933, Alfonso Bialetti’s invention is an excellent example of Art Deco, unmistakeable by the aluminium collector and octagonal heating vessel and the exclusive readily serviceable and easy-to-clean valve.
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